"We narrowed our search down to one company... IFX."

Pat Sign, COIT Services, Inc.

"We spent six months looking at every franchise management platform on the market. We wanted a simple, yet powerful solution, but we also wanted a technology 'partner' who understood our needs as a franchise company. We narrowed our search down to one company... IFX."

"IFX immediately returned our call, personally launched our system and proactively invested in our success."

Michael Sawitz, Past President AIMailcenters

"We called one of the supposedly 'Big Players' in franchise technology systems five times. They never returned even one of our calls. If our inquiry went unanswered, how would they be there for our franchisees? IFX immediately returned our call, personally launched our system and proactively invested in our success."

"I Would Strongly Recommend IFX To Any High Powered Franchise Group Out There!"

Dan Fields, Senior VP & Partner, FocalPoint Coaching

“I have been in Franchising for 21 years now, and am very picky about the tracking and analysis of the Franchise sales process. I am also a CRM snob, having tried so many, looking for the one that fit all of my needs for many years. I first found the IFX CRM about seven years ago and was thrilled that I had finally found an exceptional and relevant Franchising CRM. It is extremely intuitive and very powerful. It has allowed me to track and analyze thousands of important franchise candidates in an exceptional manner. It has also allowed my Franchise Sales teams to become very productive and precise. More importantly it has allowed me to run a highly detailed process with very predictable results. Because of this, I am able to maximize my operations in ways that I wouldn’t be able to without this sophisticated and easy to use tool. I would strongly recommend IFX to any high powered Franchise group out there!”

Strategic Mentoring for Franchise Executives

"Dan became my personal mentor in 2010. He's been one of my top advisors ever since."

Lane Koefoed, President & CEO, Assisting Hands Home Care Inc.

"I thought IFX was just a technology company. Turns out they had 30 years of franchise development, management and marketing experience. Who knew? Dan became my personal mentor in 2010. He's been one of my top advisors since. We do strategy sessions together. I attend all of his events. He takes my calls and helps us develop solutions. He is knowledgeable and personal. When he infers that he looks like Harrison Ford just humor him... the franchise knowledge is worth it."

"We learned more about how to run a successful franchise company in six days with Dan than we’d learned in six months with franchise consultants."

Jerry Egner, President, Closets By Design Franchising, Inc.

"Dan’s not a consultant. He’s a mentor. He listens. He thinks outside-the-box. He conveys advice in a way that truly applies to how franchisors run their business. His experience as a former franchisee and Area Developer provided us with a fresh perspective that changed the way we work with our franchisees.”

Strategic Mentoring for Franchise Suppliers

"IFX Has Been Instrumental In Helping Us “Cut-To-The-Chase”."

Martin van der Roest, President, Cadence9

By calling around it didn’t take long to see that IFX and Dan Martin were repeated references. After a couple of meetings, we started our relationship. IFX has been instrumental in helping us “cut-to-the-chase”. In hind sight, we have pretty much adopted the recommendations Dan made to us. In the year we have been working with Dan, we have made a 100% shift toward the franchise industry, modified our technologies and messaging, and participated in numerous events including sponsorship participation in Dan’s own conference and the most recent IFA 2014 event in New Orleans. Equally as important is that we have signed on franchisors as customers."

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IFX Franchise Supplier Summit

March 23, 2018 - March 24, 2018

The prime directive of IFX's Franchise Supplier Summit is to provide suppliers with a series of no-cost and low-cost actionable strategies designed to increase exposure, connections and revenues in the franchise industry.

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IFX Franchise Executive Conference

December 7, 2017 - December 8, 2017

Finally, a business growth Summit with ACTIONABLE strategies designed to address real-world concerns for virtually any potential, new or established franchise organization. Unlike conferences which may leave you wondering how to act on the information you've gained, many of the tips and techniques learned during these two fully-loaded days are ready to implement as soon as you walk out the door. With a unique and interactive format, you not only have an opportunity to learn from the expert speakers on stage, but even from the attendees in the back row.

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