Technology Solutions


One Portal you can use to manage your entire franchise organization.


A complete lead and task management system for franchise development.


Protect brand integrity and dramatically reduce costs using IFX’s Dynamic Media Creation Module.


Report sales and royalty data using one simplified and secured reporting system.


Build and manage online training and certification courses.

Intranet Ecommerce at IFX

Provides a web-based interface for displaying detailed information about products available from the franchisor for franchisees to purchase online.


Franchisees who validate your franchise program to prospective franchisees can earn rewards points redeemable for a variety of prizes, products and services whether the prospective franchisee they spoke with is granted a franchise or not.

Intranet Sites at IFX

A fully hosted publishing platform delivers easy-to-manage, mobile friendly websites.

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Utilized for managing franchise social media at both the franchisor and franchisee level with a single, centralized posting and reporting analytics dashboard that is the best in franchise technology.. A one-stop Social Media system ideal for protecting your brand, boosting customer acquisition and assisting franchise candidate acquisition. Complete daily and weekly managed content services are available with this platform to directly promote and manage your brand via multiple social media channels utilized by you and all of your franchisees.


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Upcoming Events

IFX Franchise Supplier Summit

March 23, 2018 - March 24, 2018

The prime directive of IFX's Franchise Supplier Summit is to provide suppliers with a series of no-cost and low-cost actionable strategies designed to increase exposure, connections and revenues in the franchise industry.

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IFX Franchise Executive Conference

December 7, 2017 - December 8, 2017

Finally, a business growth Summit with ACTIONABLE strategies designed to address real-world concerns for virtually any potential, new or established franchise organization. Unlike conferences which may leave you wondering how to act on the information you've gained, many of the tips and techniques learned during these two fully-loaded days are ready to implement as soon as you walk out the door. With a unique and interactive format, you not only have an opportunity to learn from the expert speakers on stage, but even from the attendees in the back row.

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