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Franchise Supplier ROI Blueprint Series 3.0

As a Supplier there is no better way to leverage your business than getting into the Franchise Channel. You can immediately increase your clientele by 100s with only ONE contact! Learn how to become a preferred Vendor to multiple Franchise Organizations.

1. Franchise Supplier ROI Blueprint Series 3.0 Covering:

  • Key fundamentals of franchising including terms, structures, legal, practical and political areas that specifically impact how suppliers secure business with a wide variety of franchise organizations.
  • Strategies on branding your company to maximize exposure in the franchise channel.
  • Metrics covering pricing, lead production, close ratios, costs per close and sales process duration.
  • Specific marketing approaches designed to capitalize on “real world” franchisor and franchisee needs.
  • Accommodating Master Franchisee and Area Developer structures in order to rapidly expand your customer base.
  • How to develop “win-win” cooperative marketing programs with non-competing franchise suppliers. Strategies on how to leverage Franchise Consultants referring agents using “Affiliate Programs”.
  • How to specifically maximize Social Media to generate more exposure, leads and deals.
  • Key franchise events to attend and how to make them produce revenues for your company.
  • Leveraging membership in franchise-related associations and groups.
  • Maximizing public relations to increase exposure, build brand integrity, generate more deals and position your company as having significant experience in the franchise channel.
  • How to use technology to generate more revenues, operate more efficiently, track and boost ROI.
  • Strategies outlining “Where” and “How” to promote your company’s products and services to generate increased exposure and revenues while reducing costs and time-to-close.
  • Best Practices on “What Works” as well as “Blunders to Avoid” as a supplier entering the franchise channel.
  • How to apply IFX’s Gravity Free Thinking® strategies to expand your business on a domestic and international level.

2. BONUS Franchise Supplier POV Strategic Audio/Visual Recorded Sessions 3.0, covering franchise fundamentals you can use to generate more franchise clients:

  • Supplier ROI strategies in audio/visual format
  • Franchise Development POV strategies in audio/visual format
  • Franchisee POV strategies in audio/visual format
  • Franchisor POV strategies in audio/visual format

3. BONUS Franchise Supplier POV Strategic Audio/Visual Session Recording:

"Milestones & Mindsets: How Franchise Suppliers can Teach Franchisors How to Produce Coachable Candidates Who Become High Performance Franchisees Faster".

As a Franchise Supplier, you can review the blueprint workbook and check off strategies as you advance. You can view the audio/video sessions over and over again. Essentially, this is IFX's Annual Franchise Supplier Summit in-a-box that your entire team can utilize as a weekly resource.

The complete Series 3.0 is only $997!!

BONUS: 1 Hour Personal Strategy Session with Dan Martin, CFE a $400 value included with this package FREE of charge. Limited time only.

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