Franchise Suppliers

IFX provides direct, personalized consulting services to B2B suppliers interested in entering and further leveraging the franchise channel. IFX assists its clients in analyzing their products and services to determine viability relative to the franchise channel on both domestic and international franchising.

Franchise Supplier Mentoring

Structuring Of Operations And Marketing Approaches

IFX offers strategic advisory services relative to the structuring of operations and marketing approaches in order to generate revenues from franchisors, franchisees and other business to business suppliers. Key franchise fundamentals are covered in order to bring clients up-to-speed relative to understanding franchise particulars and key strategies impacting the franchise channel.

Gravity Free Thinking®

IFX employs a form of out-of-the-box methodology referred to as “Gravity Free Thinking®” designed to develop strategies that capitalize on specific areas of need within the franchise channel and beyond.

Client Based Feedback

Utilizing its client base of over 200+ franchise brands and 30,000+ franchisees, IFX provides its Franchise Supplier clients with direct feedback interaction from a sampling of existing IFX clients. This input results in further refining IFX’s Supplier-client programs based on real-world input from a variety of franchise organizations.

Strategic Franchise Webinars

IFX conducts cooperative Strategic Franchise Webinars featuring Supplier products and services in a “Best Practices” as a form of strategic advisory services to both client and non-client franchisors. These webinars generate valuable input and act as launching points for actual purchase and implementation of the featured products and services.

Continuing Expertise

IFX is often retained to serve on our clients’ Advisory Boards or Board of Directors in order to provide continuing expertise relative to the expansion of each client’s products and services in the franchise channel. In addition, IFX can operate on a Joint Venture or Equity basis in order to develop continuing structuring and marketing recommendations in addition to implementing key strategic programs in both domestic and international franchising.

Marketing Exposure

IFX directly markets certain Supplier’s products and/or services provided they meet specific criteria fundamental to expansion in the franchise channel and relative to a direct association with IFX. IFX’s background and reputation often form the basis for the client’s entry into the franchise channel providing significant market exposure and added credibility.

Franchise Suppliers

Supplier Mentoring

As a Supplier there is no better way to leverage your business than getting into the Franchise Channel. You can immediately increase your clientele by 100s with only ONE contact! Learn how to become a preferred Vendor to Franchise Organizations.

Let us tell you how we entered the Franchise Channel as a Supplier 18 years ago. We know what works, what doesn’t, and can save you from all the pitfalls along the way. We also work very closely with Top Franchise Organizations Worldwide and know exactly what they are looking for in their Suppliers.

This year round program will teach you exactly what you need to do to appeal to them and then we will place you immediately in front of them! There is NOTHING else like this Mentoring Program! Dan Martin, CFE has over 30 years in Franchising and he can’t wait to teach you how IFX has hundreds of Franchise Brands in the Franchise Channel and how to get you there too! There are multiple levels of mentoring so you will have all the attention you need walking you through the next year of accelerated growth in your Supplier Business.

Each session is personalized exclusively to the client. Each session works towards analysis and development of the franchise channel for the client’s specific products and services. Clients are provided with recorded (audio and video) versions of each session, as well as notes and Action Items to be completed by both parties prior to conducting subsequent Strategic Consulting Sessions. Client surveys are conducted at the conclusion of each session for the client to complete. This keeps both parties on track with regard to expectations, meeting expectations and results.

At the end of the initial round of strategic advisory sessions, clients are free to select from a variety of options relative to further expanding their products and services. This can include the actual implementation of a marketing effort in conjunction with IFX if all data developed to date merits further dedication to the franchise channel, as agreed to by both parties. Clients can then consider any of the additional relationship structures identified above.

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IFX Franchise Supplier Summit

March 23, 2018 - March 24, 2018

The prime directive of IFX's Franchise Supplier Summit is to provide suppliers with a series of no-cost and low-cost actionable strategies designed to increase exposure, connections and revenues in the franchise industry.

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IFX Franchise Executive Conference

December 7, 2017 - December 8, 2017

Finally, a business growth Summit with ACTIONABLE strategies designed to address real-world concerns for virtually any potential, new or established franchise organization. Unlike conferences which may leave you wondering how to act on the information you've gained, many of the tips and techniques learned during these two fully-loaded days are ready to implement as soon as you walk out the door. With a unique and interactive format, you not only have an opportunity to learn from the expert speakers on stage, but even from the attendees in the back row.

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